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Institutional Investors Strategic Roundtable – trends and expectations

  • When will the interest rate be raised, and what effects will this have on the different asset classes?
  • Achieving sustainable growth – Agenda 30, ESG, Impact investing and active ownership
  • Trends in active/passive, infrastructure, diversification and risk assessment


Registration and morning coffee
The Chairpersons opening remarks
Agnetha Jönsson, analyst, Dagens industri
Hans Bolander, reporter, Dagens industri

The big picture

A macroeconomic outlook and a snapshot of the investment trends in life insurance
Anna Pettersson Westerberg
, Chief Economist, Insurance Sweden
Best practise case
Allocation strategy at the Norwegian Oil fund
Ole Christian Bech-Moen – Chief Investment Officer Allocation Strategies, Statens Pensjonsfond Utland, Norges bank – Norwegian Oil Fund
Panel discussion
Investment Climate - How will the investment climate evolve the forthcoming year and beyond and how will this influence the investment strategies?
Agnetha Jönsson, analyst, Dagens industri
Staffan Hansén, CEO, SPP
Anna Pettersson Westerberg, Chief Economist, Insurance Sweden

The ESG-perspective

Best practice case
How will the integration of Sustainability and the ESG perspective affect the Investments and the Allocation Strategy?
Magnus Billing , CEO, Alecta
Coffee, mingle and networking
Knowledge partner expert analysis
How to integrate ESG into Factor Strategies and Active Portfolios
Jean-Maurice Ladure, Executive Director, Head of Equity Research applied research, EMEA, MSCI
Knowledge partner expert analysis
Impact investing in Fixed Income
The majority of existing impact funds are in private equity, whilst most debt impact funds focus on microfinance and emerging markets. We examine how to use private debt to access lower risk impact debt investments on an institutional scale.
Ominder Dhillon, Global Head Institutional, M&G

Panel discussion
ESG – experiences and the way forward
What will Agenda 30 mean for the institutional inveastors? Validation of ESG-initiatives. Blacklisting or influencing? Greenwashing or corporate responsibility? How does the ESG-perspective influence the risks/rewards in the portfolio – short term and long term.
Ominder Dhillon, Global Head Institutional, M&G
Christina Olivecrona, Senior Analyst Sustainability, AP2
Johan Florén, Head of Communication and ESG, AP7

Roundtable lunch

Strategies in the current low interest rate environment – and preparations for the raise

Best practice case
Factor investing the ATP way
Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen, Executive Vice President and CIO, ATP
Diversifying portfolios beyond traditional assets
The latest trends and developments in alternatives and Hedge funds. 
Mikko Mursula, CIO, Ilmarinen
Knowledge partner expert analysis
Risk, returns and opportunities in Alternative assets
With the abundance of capital, low interest rates and high asset prices – are alternative investments the way to success? Possibilities and challenges?
Roger Johanson, partner, Caram. 
Afternoon coffee, mingle and networking
Panel discussion
The role of Alternative investments in the portfolio
Pricing, availability and risks. Will the trend of co-investments continue? How will the dynamics of the LP/GP dynamic evolve?
Javiera Ragnartz, CIO, AMF
Mikko Mursula, CIO, Ilmarinen
Roger Johanson, partner, Caram

Knowledge partner expert analysis
ETF – strategies for diversification 
Experiences and the way forward for different approaches for Factor investing and Fixed income allocation.
Nicolas Fragneau, Head of ETF product specialists, Amundi
Panel discussion
Active/Passive strategies – pros, cons and the way forward
The trend from recent years is clear: the investments in passive strategies are increasing. But the interest for the diversification of risks offered by active funds are increasing in the environment of low rates and high prices.
Nicolas Fragneau, Head of ETF product specialists, Amundi
Jean-Maurice Ladure, Executive Director, Head of Equity Research applied research, EMEA, MSCI
Carolus Reincke, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions at Mandatum Life 

Risk & Return 2018 and beyond

Risk & Reward 2018 and beyond 
Where are the biggest risks right now and where is the best relationship between risk and return today and in the 1-5 years years?
Mårten Lindeborg, CIO, AP 3
Networking mingle

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Confirmed speakers

Ole Christian Bech-Moen
CIO, Norwegian Oil Fund

Mikko Mursula
CIO, Ilmarinen

Javiera Ragnartz

Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen
Executive Vice President and CIO, ATP

Anna Pettersson Westerberg
Chief Economist, Insurance Sweden

Britta Burreau

Roger Johanson
Partner, Caram

Staffan Hansén

Christina Olivecrona
Senior Analyst Sustainability, AP2​​

Magnus Billing
CEO, Alecta

Mårten Lindeborg 

Fragneau Nicolas
Head of ETF product specialists, Amundi
Jean-Maurice Ladure
Executive Director and Head of Equity Applied Research, MSCI
Johan Florén 
Head of Communication and ESG, AP7
Ominder Dhillon
Global Head Institutional, M&G

Please notice that the program is preliminary and changes may occur. 

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